Day 1/6


The Axalp Air Show

Main purpose of this relatively short visit to Switserland is to visit the Axalp Air Show, which has been on my wishlist for a couple of years now. So far I did not go, because the weather predictions have not been good in recent years. Afterwards I always saw great photographs of they guys (and girls) that did go. Another thing is that the show is always on wednesday an thursday meaning that you have to take off at least 4 working days for the visit. Going is always a guess because the show can be cancelled for a number of reasons at the last possible moment. This year I thought about taking off a whole week and using the weekends at both ends for a longer trip to have some time for mountain photography as well. Just before I go I find out that apart from the show there are two practice days on monday and tuesday as well. On these days the show is rehearsed and there far fewer visitors. To get to the show needs some preparations as Axalp is unreachable by car during these days and you have to get there by bus. From the village you have to take a chair-lift followed by a long and steep ascent on foot.

I depart in the afternoon to get as far as possible today with only a few hours of driving left for tomorrow. The weather forecast is quite good for tomorrow afternoon.

The shortest route is right through the Vosges and for hours I am driving through darkness without any hope of finding a motel. In the end there is some light on the horizon and I find one in Colmar only 200 kilometers away from Grindelwald, which is the destination for tomorrow.

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