Day 12/35 – Part 4/4

Hereafter back to the hotel. Nice set of photographs. Glad that I have forced it through. Quickly send out the emails for the last few days and then head out to the north to Lesueur National Park. At first I thought to return to Nambung tonight to improve on the flash photographs and tomorrow morning for the pano of the hill that came into light first this morning. On the other hand there are so many things to see and I have only 3 weeks left. The current set of Nambung photographs is far better than I had hoped for. Thus, on to the next. First get some supplies in Jurien Bay. I don’t want to drive around without water like last week.

When leaving the shopping mall with a full cart of groceries it starts raining again. Shit. Have to get to the car fast and unload everything. Going back to the mall I make a painful mistake. I run back with the cart and just like home I jump up to hang on the cart while it continues to go forward. Apparently the carts here are a lot lighter, because it tilts immediately crashing me on the concrete. Fok! There is a small stone in my hand and when I pull it out it leaves an ungly wound. A piece of skin on my palm is gone. There is only raw meat and something dark. Is that bone? I feel the other hand and there is indeed bone right under the skin, but bones are white right? After having a closer look it’s not bone I’m looking at. I clean it with water from one of the bottles and have a look for other damages. Knee shaved, trousers teared and a couple of small wounds here and there not worth mentioning.

That wound on my hand is ugly though. It can’t be stitched because there is no skin left. I guess it just has to close itself. Only have to make sure that it’s not going to inflame. Back to the shop for a couple of band-aids. Weird that I’m not feeling any pain. Luckily it doesn’t bleed much.

The sky is completely clouded. Not a good sign. Maybe I have to drive all the way north to Kalbarri National Park. But only after a couple of kilometers driving the sky clears. Back to Lesueur then, I am so close now.

Lesueur has an 18 kilometer long road and lots of rare wildflowers to see. When I am back, the sky is still clouded here. Quite shitty there is a lot of wind, which is far from ideal for wildflower photography. Barely a few minutes outside and there is the next shower. Back inside again then. The park is very different than what I had expected. It’s a quite barren, lightly hilly area with low vegetation, a bit like heath. Special here is that there are so many different kind of plants.

A bit further, I am protected from most of the wind and I succeed to shoot a couple of flower photographs, but here the wind also comes roaring in unexpectedly at times.

Lesueur National Park

Lesueur National Park

Lesueur National Park

The landscape on the other side of the road is completely different. Most likely this has been just like the park, before it was plowed and cultivated.

Lesueur National Park

Shortly after, the next shower arrives and the one after is also in sight already. There is no means to staying here. I neither feel like to wait another day here with possibly the same weather pattern tomorrow. To the north it is.

I notice that the GPS acts weirdly when I ignite the engine. The whole screen disforms and sometimes shuts down completely. It’s fed via the lighter power plug. Maybe the voltage becomes too high temporarily? I haven’t had any problems like this with other cars before.

Somewhat more to the north is Tathra National Park, which is comparable with Lesueur but different. Let’s see if I can find it.

Along the way I’m passing a sea of yellow flowers I just can’t leave behind.

Ten noord-oosten van Lesueur National Park

Ten noord-oosten van Lesueur National Park

The park is very difficult to find and the GPS stops completely to make the disaster complete. I drive around for a bit but then again it starts raining. I do encounter a particular animal on the road that I have seen yesterday also. It’s a kind of lizzard. It’s head looks like one of a snake and it opens it’s mouth threatening when I come too close. Don’t know what exactly this is and I don’t touch it. I do force it gently off the road, otherwise it will be squashed to pieces for sure.

Ten noord-oosten van Lesueur National Park

Ten noord-oosten van Lesueur National Park

The GPS is dead. I am only hearing a high pitch tone if I try to put it on. This sucks. I am driving kind of blind now and I’m also unable to log my routes.

I remove the band-aid from the wound because it has become completely wet underneath. Apparently I have bought water proof ones. It’s better to let it dry for it to close faster.

Finally I arrive in Geraldton. Here the weather is much better. Now it’s 15:00 and I find my hotel easily. First I have to find a desinfecting agent to clean out all those wounds. I find it quickly. Then the GPS. I find an electronics store and explain what has happened. The salesman asks whether I have tried to reset it. ’Yep tried that. Removed the battery, put it back in and switch it on. Njet.’ ’Have you reset it without batteries?’ ’Eh, no, is that even possible then?’ Has no effect either. ’Have you tried it with non-rechargeable batteries?’ ’Nope.’ He puts in two batteries and unbelievably but it seems to work again. Then he puts the rechargeables back in and it doesn’t work. Weird. Apparently starting the engine has done something with the batteries and not with the GPS. I buy a strip of batteries for the time being. What an honest salesman!

Back in the hotel I make a plan for the next few days. Kalbarri National Park it’s going to be. Well over 100 kilometers up north. So, better get into bed early and head out early tomorrow morning, in order to check out the light and maybe already shoots some photographs.

Exiting day, this has been.

I have to pay for using internet everywhere in this area. Tonight it costs 6 dollars for half an hour and even then I do not succeed in sending photographs. These have to wait then. The next week I continue further north up to Karijini National Park. This is a major drive and I will get back into more tropical weather as well. Facilities overthere will be minimal. Curious what it looks like overthere.