Day 4/35 – Part 3/3

Nourlangie Rock

After 4 hours it’s time to hit the road again. The car has been standing in the blistering sun all afternoon and is almost at boiling point. The black leather covering is very hot and my sun glasses sizzle softly when I put them on (-; Outside it’s 40 degrees.

First I return to the visitor center. Maybe that ’ll bring me some ideas. One of them is a place in the forest close to Nourlangie, that could be worth a detour.

It’s a red dusty dirt road through the forest that ends in a place where one can walk. But it’s immediately clear to me that this is not going to bring me anything. Far too hot and not interesting chaotic nature. Back on my way to the main road I stop at a small billabong that is almost dry and is full with birds. Again the warning signs about crocodiles. This also is a messy scene with very few possibilities for nice photographs. It’s time to return to Nourlangie, which is still a bit of a gamble.

On the walking path through the forest I suddenly hear an owl, not even far away. I would like to go looking for it, but time is pressing for the viewpoint. The sun is already very low. Just keep it in mind for later.

The Arnhem Land Plateau is a lot nicer than earlier but is really too far away. The moist and hot air above the delta, makes a sharp photo impossible anyway. Besides that, many trees are obscuring the view and the location where I am standing and a part of the forest is already in shade.

Nourlangie Rock

Too late maybe? Rocks that where in sunlight just moments ago, are now in shade. Not at all what I have been hoping for. I shoot a couple of photographs though.

Nourlangie Rock

Nourlangie Rock

Could very well be that the morning is better here, because then the rocks close by are illuminated. I keep that in mind for the next time.

On the trail, I encounter a small snake, she is about 30cm long.

Little snake at Nourlangie Rock

Back on the road to my hotel I am distracted by beautiful orange bands in the sky and tree silhouets on the foreground, but there is a blue band in between that would disturb a nice and clean photograph. It has been enough for today.

I close the day with a couple of sandwiches and a container of banana custard (-;

Then I have to think about the owl I forgot about…