Day 4/35 – Part 2/3

Yellow River

Hereafter I continue to Yellow River, the place where I will have the cruise tomorrow morning. Always good to know that I will be able to find it in the dark.

This is a wetland area and I notice a wooden walkway along the river. There are many birds here but it is also quite warm already. I shoot a couple of photographs from closeby (apparently they are used to people) but it’s very difficult. There is so much light.

Great Egret

Great Egret

This bird is the most vain of them all, because he is staring at his mirror image in the water all day (-; But here he paid a bit of attention.

Better to return and try again tomorrow morning. It’s already 11. On my way back I walk along the vessels and get into a conversion with one of the drivers. He tells me that the morning tour is the best by far. Many birds and only a few meters away. He advises me to be here half an hour earlier so that I can take the front position in the boat and prepare my photogear. That sounds like music to me!

Back in the hotel I have to do some shopping. I am thirsty all the time and do not have enough water with me. Not smart. Also some chips (salt) and bread with honey roasted ham and a (as I figure out later) delicious Aussie cheese with melon and mango.

Now it is 38 degress outside and much too warm for doing anything. Better to do some more in the sleeping department.