Day 19/35 – Part 1/3

Dorothy Falls

I get up at 06:15. As I am on the west coast there is not much to do at the beach in the morning. The only chance for some photographs is provided by Lake Kaniere with possible reflections of the mountains. Yesterday evening it was too late to have look. It was already getting dark. Besides that, I had a jacuzzi on my room and relaxed a fair bit.

It’s completely dark because it will take another hour before the sun rises. Yesterday evening I forgot to refuel, so that’s the first thing that has to be done. Lake Kaniere is not so far away, 25 minutes at the most. The only thing is that I take the wrong turn-off somewhere bringing me to the wrong side of the river. This takes about 20 minutes extra.

Driving in between grasslands, once in a while I get a glimp of the Alps between the fog that’s getting thicker and thicker. It makes me doubt whether it’s better to call it off. On the other hand, good photographs can be made in fog as well. I have already been driving for so long that it doesn’t matter anymore. Have to see that lake, even if that’s the only result. The last fifteen minutes I am driving through rain forest. The transition from the grasslands has gone so smooth that I didn’t even notice it.

On the GPS I try to locate a spot as closely as possible to the lake and park there. Completely unexpected I notice a sign with Dorothy Stream and Dorothy Falls. The waterfall is on the left side of the road and the stream continues from it goes straight into the lake. As it’s very foggy I will have enough time for the waterfall later. First have a look at the lake.

After 5 minutes walking through the wet and chilly forest I am standing at the shore. The only thing there is the fog. Better to return to the waterfall then. I can already hear it and she’s…beautiful! A cute little waterfall with not too much water, lots of pebbles and rocks and so many possibilties for photographs.

Dorothy Falls

The water in the falls is mildly yellow and the little pond underneath and the stream have a darkish color caused by tannin…

Dorothy Falls

…a tea-like chemical that has been dissolved in the forest and is being carried away by the water.

Dorothy Falls

Dorothy Falls

After an hour I have seen enough here. Back to the lake. Hopefully there is more to see now.

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, New Zealand Late Summer 2011, Day 19

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