Day 1/35

I get up at 05:15 today. At customs, everybody has to pass a body scan. This is kind of funny, as you see an image of your scanned self just outside the scanner. Weird enough, the scanner is followed by a manual full body search. The flight of 12.5 hours to Singapore starts at 10:40 am and is smooth. I have three chairs at my disposal and can lie down for the most part of the flight. I watch the movies ‘ Unstoppable’ and ‘Black Swan’. The service of Singapore Airlines is superb. Cabine personnel is the most friendly I have seen sofar. The two meals (lunch and breakfast) are nice and varied. Lunch is served within the hour after take-off and breakfast follows one hour before landing. Dinner is left out by the night and skipped. In between meals you can get all kinds of snacks as well. It is quite warm in the cabin, probably a 22-23 degrees Celsius. The first time I check the time, we are already 6.5 hours in flight, more than half of it already. The second time I check, there is only 3.5 hours of flight left. It feels a lot better to ignore the clock as much as possible and just to do your thing. Otherwise you are constantly remembered how long you still have to wait for arrival.