Day 6/10 – Part 1/2

To Vik

This morning I take it easy and wake up at 08:00. Just had to. Yesterday, the sky was almost overcast already and this morning it’s complete. After breakfast I go on my way. Meanwhile I’ve figured out the fuel puzzle. Diesel is just diesel and dieseloil is for farm equipment. Yesterday it started a bit difficult and I already though oh oh there we go. But once he was running all was fine. Driving with a full fuel tank is always a nice feeling.

There is a large map in the hotel hallway which I use to figure out my route. Pingvellir, Oxararfoss, Selfoss, Geysir, Seljalandfoss, Skogarfoss and the sea stacks at Vik, because there will be my hotel. All these fosses are waterfalls. It’s a lot all together and I’m almost sure that I can’t do everything today, but it’s a nice list to go for.

Have thought about going all the way to the most western tip of the Snaefellness Peninsula, but that’s well over 100 kilometers driving extra which is just too much. Better to return when I’m here in summer. Lot’s of birds then also.


After driving a while and being close to Borgarnes, Hraunfossar pops up in my mind. This has to be in the vicinity. Just forgot about it. This is a large lava field with flowing water that ends up in a range of waterfalls. I park the car and check my laptop. There should be something about it on there.

I quickly find it and it’s indeed very closeby. The next turnoff to the left. Being in doubt for a few moments, because while it’s closeby, it is a road with a dead end. Will take at least 1-2 hours including shooting photographs. Soon I reach a decision. I know myself too well. I just have to go there. Back in 2000 I shot a couple of great photographs here and I want to see it in winter this time.

Arriving after half an hour, I’m surprise to be here so quickly. Thought that it was much further away, but I suddenly recognize the waterfalls appearing along the road on my left side. No show, but they look nice.

This is a 7-step HDR combined with a photo taken with a much longer shuttertime for the water. Quite a jobHeel werkje om die netjes in elkaar over te laten lopen, maar ben blij met het resultaat.


The possibilities for beautiful photographs are endless here.


The large icicles are mirrored nicely in the dark water.


The same scene photographed twice in different ways. The first is an in-camera composite of 10 exposures for the water combined with a 5 step HDR, somewhat comparable with the very first photograph, with only the water rendered differently.


The second is a more traditional photograph with a long shuttertime for a soft smoky effect for the water.


These two variants are repeated here. The water in both is not as we see it with the naked eye…


…but I do like them much more. The HDR processing reveals much more detail in the rocks than a normal single exposure would, if at least choose to do so.


In the end I have been here for about an hour. Couple of photographs and some videoclips and I try something new I have had on my mind for years. Creating a videoclip with a lot of 1-second exposures, comparable with the last photograph. This would create a video with smooth running smokey water instead of splashes and water droplets. The background will be done the HDR-way for nice details and colours. The effect must be great. The clip follows later.

Suddenly, the camera stops, after having taken only 100 photographs instead of the 300 I had in mind. Oh that is true, the buffer has a size of only 100. Well ok, a 4 second clip instead of 12 is fine for the first experiment. I must find a way to deal with this later on.

Before I leave I shoot a quick panorama without using the tripod. This is not the usual way I would do it, but I have the feeling that I have to continue going to Vik as quickly as possible. The result is much better than expected. The tripod is still standing on the far right.


I just packed my bag and am walking back to the car when a whole bus with chinese people is unloaded. Gladly I just finished.

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, Iceland Winter 2013, Day 06

Download the original gpx file here.