Day 10/10

Return trip

The return trip goes smooth. The only thing to mention is a traditional Icelandic family. I can imagine them living somewhere on a farm in the north east of Iceland. Strange woven clothes in various colours. The woman is pregnant and they have two small children. The man has an unkind look on his face and carries the passports for the whole family. The mother is carrying a heavy bag and keeps the children with her. In the airplane the mother is sitting with the children on one side of the aisle and the father on the other side. Every time one of the children tries to draw his attention, he sends them back to their mother with an angry look on his face. Weird.


Winter in Iceland has been nice, even better than expected. Very pretty and quite easy to do. The temperature is not that low as you would expect, just around freezing point. The icy pole wind can be very cold however, especially in the early morning.

The Northern Lights were phantastic. I definitely want to see more of this. Currently thinking about planning 2 maybe even 3 of these trips in the next season sept-apr. This year is the highest point of activity in the solar cycle and afterwards levels of activity will slowly drop until the next top in 11 years.

Despite the fact that this has been a short trip, I did have a holiday experience.

Maybe I will replace the intended trip to the US in september by 3 weeks Iceland in autumn colors + Northern Lights. We shall see.