Day 5/5

Croda da Lago

After the nice photos of the last few evening, now I want something else. Almost every evening I saw a very beautiful photo in a flash between the trees, but ut till now I haven’t been able to find a safe spot to park. The road is narrow and lingers between trees. Exactly where I want to be is a pretty sharp bend. But I reall, really want to have that photo…

During the last couple of hundred meters I slow down to find the spot with the best view. Soon I see the Croda da Lago bathing in warm sunlight appearing between the trees. There are no other cars and I decide to try. There is very narrow grass shoulder and a steep drop right next to it. I park as far onto the shoulder as I dare and turn on all the lights including the warning ones so that the car will at least be visible as best as possible.

Soon, a car is coming and it decelerates immediately after the bend. The next one coming after that does the same. So I think I will be kind of safe here. Photo’s now. First a close-up.

Croda da Lago

Followed by a peek between the trees…

Croda da Lago

…and then the photo that I have had in mind since first seeing it. It’s just like a postcard!

Croda da Lago

Bit pity that it’s impossible to include all the peaks. Whatever I try, there is always a tree in the way. Cut it down? (-; Better not.

After these taking these photos I continue to a large parking place a bit further down the road. From here I have a more open view on the peaks. The light has become super warm meanwhile.

Croda da Lago

Not long after, the light becomes a lot colder. Apparently, the sun has dropped almost below the horizon.

Croda da Lago

By now, I have shot all the photo’s I have had in mind. The ones of tonight complete the story. I go up again to the pass, knowing that there is really no sense in doing that. The sun has set, so very little chance on good photo’s once I’m up there. Tomorrow I want to start driving home very early, so I better call it quits.

Almost back in my hotel I have to stop once again because of the fox I saw a couple of nights ago. Again, she stays in my headlights for a little while, not really knowing what to make of it and then takes off for a run of a couple of hundred meters in front of the car. Beautiful view. Then she veers off into the forest on the other side of the road.

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, Dolomites Winter 2015, Day 5

Download the original gpx file here.