Day 2/5

Passo di Giau

At first I intend to try and find the Croda Rossa again, but halfway I notice a couple of beautifully illuminated peaks appearing between the trees. I’m in a curve and before I have seen it well enough, I have lost sight of it. I’m in doubt to turn around for a better look, but haven’t seen any parking bays and parking in a bend in the road maybe is a bit too hazardous. I keep seeing these nice summits over and over again between the tree tops while driving and when I zoom out on the gps map, I find a little road a bit further down this main road that turns in that general direction. It should be possible to photograph that mountain range from overthere. A bit further I see the turn-off to Passo di Giau and that name sounds very familiar. I’ve been here before.

The road twists up into the mountains and to the left of me I see that mountain range bathing in warm sunlight. A bit further I’m high enough for photos and free of trees. I park the car for the first photo. The peaks look very different from what I saw earlier down there and I cannot orientate myself properly, but they just have to be the same ones.

Croda da Lago

A panorama is very possible from here as well. Takes a bit of work so I have to speed up a bit. The sun can get lost behind a cloud or peak anytime now.

Croda da Lago and Lastoni di Formin

Quite unexpected, the light on the mountains improves further and I have just enough time for another panorama.

Croda da Lago and Lastoni di Formin

In a few days I will discover that this rockwall in the shadows is called Lastoni di Formin. The illuminated peaks are behind and above that ridge and form the Croda da Lago.

Now I have the first photos, I continue to the highest point of the pass. Behind that the road twists down again. It all feels familiar but I still cannot orientate myself here. I believe to see a very prominent rockwall in the distance that I have photographed before, but I’m not completely sure of it, because it’s completely covered by snow and barely recognizable. Once I get back home, I’ll check the photographs of that previous trip in summer and now I do recognize the various rock formations again. Left on the photo is the rockwall I thought I recognized…

Passo di Giau
Passo di Giau

…and that appears to be right.

Passo di Giau
Passo di Giau

I’ll try and recompose these photos again during my next winter visit! I should have brought them this time actually.

I follow the road and when the sun drops a bit further down, beautiful illuminated lines appear in the snowdeck.

Shit, this could actually become a very beautiful photograph. I continue further down to find a better spot while having the feeling that I should not do that. But it’s too late already. The light becomes weaker and less colorful. I quickly dump the car on the shoulder, jump out, only to discover I’m too late. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I have violated rule 1: Always shoot first and then try to find a better spot. Especially in this kind of situations in which the light changes rapidly. Too bad! Tomorrow I’ll definitely try again.

Now, I had better return to San Cassiano, because there is not much going to happen anymore tonight. It has become clouded and the sun is gone.

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, Dolomites Winter 2015, Day 2

Download the original gpx file here.