Day 1/23


Today I travel for around 25 hours via Houston, Texas to San Jose, Costa Rica. The first flight of 11.5 hours is a bit delayed and suffers from a strong head wind. Therefore I have to wait only 3 hours in Houston instead of 4. Customs subtracts another hour from the planned 4. After having a little dinner, the second flight of 3.5 hours is already about to begin. Happily I have 3 seats for myself, so I can sleep away almost the whole trip. No weird figures or stupid accidents this time.

On the airport of San Jose there should be someone waiting for me with the rental car, but there is nobody. There are a lot of people carrying plates with names on them, but not mine. Outside the terminal someone seems to be arranging things. He tells me that I have to call the office further down the road and passes me his mobile. After a while get the connection and someone explains to me they will be here within 15 minutes. Instead of the rental car I see a Europe Car shuttle-bus coming. Shortly after that, we are in the office and I get my car.

They tell me that the office opens at 06:00 at the day of my departure, while I have to fly at 07:55. Despite the agreement that they would be available for me, they won’t. As I don’t want to take any risks on the day of my departure, I will return the car the day before and they can bring me back to my hotel. I’ll check with the hotel whether they have an airport-shuttle. If not I will take a cab. They discarded the first agreement so I have no trust in a second one.

The hotel is only 5 minutes driving and they can explain exactly how I have to get there. I checked the route already at Google Maps and there it seemed that I have to leave the highway, directly under a crossing road and so it seems to be.

The time difference with The Netherlands is -7 hours.