Day 14/21 – Part 2/2

Then I’m driving back and cross the border into Canada. This goes quite easy, a couple of questions and checks on the computer and I’m in. Quite different the other way around into America. Apparently they trust it just because America is so much more strict.

Glacier National Park in America and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada are connected and together form one large international park. Both are difficult to photograph. Traveling is through valleys most of the time and both in mornings and evenings in particular everything is in shadows. By the way it’s perfect Grizzly habitat overhere. There are so many bears here. I have seen warnings at several trailheads that bears are active in the area.

Just a while ago I was at a lake (forgot the name) where you can rent canoes and there was a warning sign that you should not come too close to the shore on the south side because of Grizzly activity overthere. Pffft.

Today I cover several routes throught the park. One of them is closed due to roadwork. A shuttle service is active there now and that is one I will be doing tomorrow.

At some places you can already see wildflowers but these prove difficult to photograph because of the hard wind. In the end I find myself a couple of Indian Paintbrushes that are shielded off from the wind. During the next few days I will be looking for more. With the right light these are very photogenic.


Deer are simply walking through the village, so that is easy shooting.


They are everywhere and quite at ease.


In the forest I encounter a vivid blue bird which proves a bit too fast for me. I hope to catch it on photo somewhere soon. The American Robin I have also been following for the last two weeks, but that one I finally caught. Not perfectly sharp but good enough for now.

American Robin

There are many Ground Squirls here as well. They are very fast and difficult to catch on photo. The Robin is chasing one of the squirls constantly which is a funny thing to see.

Ground Squirl

He is constantly alert and returns to his dungeon immediately if he doesn’t trust things.

Ground Squirl

There he stays for a while completely flat on this belly.

Ground Squirl

Ground Squirl

As soon as he thinks the ‘danger’ is gone he starts wandering around again.

Ground Squirl

Meanwhile I ended up in the restaurant in the hotel and I’m thinking about what to do during the rest of the week when a large plate with Lemon-Cheese cake, blackberries covered in caramel and Cranberry-Apple tea is brought in. This is a bit distracting (-;

At first I thought to need much more time for Glacier/Waterton, but that is not the case. Tomorrow morning I can finish things overhere. One can take a 2 hour boat tour over Waterton Lake, thereby crossing the border to America again. Here you can take a walk too, more in the center of the park but the weather forecast is quite warm for tomorrow, so I think I will skip that one.

Tonight would have been possible as well, but the border has closed so it would only be possible to stay on the boat. So skipped that one as well. Maybe another time.

Now I have still 7 days left, several other things become possible that I hadn’t thought about:
– Area with red rocks in the eastern part of Alberta
– Canyon where Indians used to let bisons crash down from the rocks
– Dinosaur Provincial Park
– Badlands with hoodoos from Red Deer going south
– Drumheller dino museum
– Drumheller canyon
– Banff (first few days in Canada were clouded and rainy, so in any case I would like to have at least one evening and one morning overthere)
– Moraine Lake close to Lake Louise (at least one morning)
– Calgary surroundings, beautiful nature and wildwater kayaking

Banff, Moraine Lake and Drumheller have the highest priority, these I do want to visit in any case while the rest is extra.

The ‘problem’ however is the following. Museum I can best visit in very warm of very bad weather. The next three days will be beautiful with temperatures of around 27 degrees. After that things become a bit unsure.

Wildwater kayakking primarily takes place in the weekend and then I don’t want to be in Lake Louise or Banff for sure, because of too much people visiting.

So the best thing to do would be going to Lake Louise/Banff now, but that is very ineffient regarding traveling time, because now I’m much closer to Drumheller and the red rocks. The latter I have to visit during nice weather by the way, because the terrain is impossible to get to during rain.

I think I will follow the order of that list until it becomes clear that a few days with bad weather are coming in. Then I can change my plans accordingly. It should be possible to zap myself around, which would be much more easy and convenient (-;

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, Canada Spring 2010, Day 14

Download the original gpx file here.