Day 13/21 – Part 2/2

In Glacier National Park I’m driving the Going-to-the-sun Road from west to east (along with the sun). Soon I encounter a high waterfall: the Bird-Woman Falls. Weird name, I wonder how she got that one. I wait for a little while until a car stops under the waterfall precisely. Only than it becomes clear how high this waterfall is. The water is falling for 250 meters here.

Bird Woman Falls

I also notice a beautiful cloud that’s worth photographing.

Fluffy Cloud

The view is very wide and open and there are so many photogenic mountain summits, like this one: Heavens Peak.

Heavens Peak

Reynolds Mountain nicely contrasts with the intense blue sky. I don’t know whether or not the weather here is as beautiful as today often, but I’m quite happy with it!

Reynolds Mountain

The park is packed with mountains and valleys that have been cut by glaciers during several ice ages in the past.

Glacial Valleys

An impressive landscape this truly is.

Glacial Valleys

Hierna rij ik weer een stuk terug via dezelfde weg.


I continue towards Medicine Lake in the south-west. On the way I notice a deer standing in the evening sun. A couple of hundred meters down the road I turn the car for a photo, but the deer has already gone of course.

A bit further I’m having more luck with two black bears, looks like a mother and her cub. I follow them for a while with the car and in the end I succeed in getting a couple of nice photo’s of them. It’s not that easy because they are so intensely black.

Black Bears

The lake is already in shadows and the sun is starting to descent into the horizon. I find a nice spot and wait until the sun sets. There are a lot of tree trunks here and that gives me an idea. I can illuminate the foreground with the headlights of the car and shoot a couple of special photographs. The big light provides for the best effect.

Illuminated Tree Trunk

This is the best of this set. Everything is perfect in this one.

Illuminated Tree Trunk

In the end it becomes too dark and it’s time to return to my hotel.

Illuminated Tree Trunk

Maps, Charts & Downloads

GPS Map with color coded altitude information

Color coded distance/altitude chart

Color coded distance/altitude chart, Canada Spring 2010, Day 13p>Download the original gpx file here.