The primary goal of this trip is to visit and photograph the National Parks and State Parks of the American South West: California, Arizona, Utah and possibly New Mexico, depending on available time, weather conditions and itinerary. Key to good photography is solid preparation and proper timing. World class photographs are almost without exception produced during high quality light around sunrise and sunset. An exception to this rule is photography of, for instance waterfalls for which cloudy overcast weather is preferred. Generally speaking, lighting conditions during the day are far from ideal for photographic purposes.

Good preparation takes a lot of time and is preferably done before the trip is commenced. Knowing where to find photographic subjects, when to expect the best light (time of the day, season), and possible difficulties that must be overcome to be able to get there, are key to an efficient traveling schedule. See (and photograph) as many subjects as possible within the given time and under the best lighting conditions is the primary goal. Preparation for this particular trip has taken six weeks to complete.


The following books have been used for preparation:

Reading and indexing all this information is a lot of work and takes far more time than the trip itself. But it pays off in the field and can be used again and again during future trips.


The following maps have been used: