Day 1/24


Today I intend to travel from Amsterdam to Oakhurst, California.

A new automatic luggage drop-off system has been introduced at Schiphol Airport. The luggage has to be put in a compartment, whereafter it can be checked in by use of the barcode on the boarding pass. Regulations have been tightened and the system refuses to accept the luggage if it does not meet size and/or weight limitations. In my case I violate the weight limit by 400 gram and am forced to remove that by switching to heavier shoes (saving 600 gram). The alternative is to check-in at the desk and pay for the extra weight.

After proper identification, a label is produced that has to be attached to your luggage and a baggage claim tag as prove for check-in. The compartment is then closed and your luggage is transported via a transparent tunnel.

Stronger security procedures are in effect due to the recent Detroit incident. All passengers are checked by hand as is the case for the hand luggage.

The flight, is delayed by a mechanical problem whereafter de-icing of the aircraft is necessary due to winter conditions. Extra fuel is taken in to be able to fly faster and correct the delay of almost 2 hours, a little bit.

I manage to have quite some sleep during the flight, which is good for the next part of my trip.

After arriving 1.5 hours late at San Francisco International Airport, the reserved rental car is picked up and traveling continues by car to Oakhurst. Having a GPS is a necessity as Oakhurst can only be reached via secondary roads in a mountainous area and darkness comes already around 17:00.

After 6 hours I arrive in my hotel and after a total of 25 hours of traveling, sleep comes fast in a nice warm bed in the Comfort Inn.


  • 1 hour – get up and ready
  • 1 hour – by car to Schiphol
  • 5 hours – waiting for check-in, security check, boarding
  • 11 hours – flying to San Francisco
  • 1 hour – customs processing, luggage recovery, rental car pickup
  • 6 hours – driving to Oakhurst
  • Maps, Charts & Downloads

    GPS Map with color coded altitude information

    Color coded distance/altitude chart

    Color coded distance/altitude chart, United States Winter 2010, Day 01

    Download the original gpx file here.