Day 2/21


This morning I stay in bed for a little while. Around 08:30 I have breakfast, an American waffle with sirop and toast. The weather forecast is not good for today and neither for the rest of the week. The program for days 4, 5 and 6 has already been defined so I’ve only today and tomorrow to do something else and to drive the 5 hours towards Denali National Park. The plan was to drive south today for a boattrip to the fjords and to use tomorrow to drive north to the park.

Given the weather (rain) this is not of too much use and there is lots to see overthere and kind of stupid to use the time for driving overthere and back while not being able to see everything. I also learned the last time in Australia that its much better to start a bit slower after a long journey. If the weather would have been nice, I might have gone there, but currently I don’t feel like going.

For a while, I’m looking for another hotel for tonight, but in the end decide to just stay here. Time for shopping. Wallmart is the first for food and drinks for the first couple of days.

On the way back I explore Kincaid Park on the north side of the airport to get an idea of the area. Within and surrounding Anchorage 1000 moose, 250 black bears and 60 grizzlies are living. Some of them visit the city at night. The wind is blowing fast and it’s raining now as well. I return to the hotel for lunch.

In the afternoon the sky clears and I go to the south part of the park. The sky is filled with float planes. After an hour walking, it starts raining again. Time for something else, the Sportsmans’ Warehouse for bearspray. I definitely want to have this with me the coming weeks. It’s a large store with lots of fishing- and hunting stuff and clothes. First I gather some fishing lures for back home. They have so many of these here and so very different from the brands we have at home. The pikes will definitely like them (-;

The hunting department is also great fun to look around. Batteries of shotguns, automatic guns and pistols. They even have a large Dirty Harry canon here. Semi-automatic assault rifle can be bought here for only 499 dollars. Furthermore lots of camouflage clothing including gloves. Kind of weird to drive by with your shop cart and load a couple of guns like getting bread at the bakery.

Later when I’m waiting to pay for my lures, a guy comes in with a rifle and a large gun ready to shoot in a belt on his back. Everyone is at ease so it’s probably normal. I do understand that you are allowed to carry and use guns here but why would you carry one on your belt when going into a shop?

Back in my hotel I find out that I forgot the bearspray. Completely distracted by all that other stuff.