Light and Magic Photography

This website is about photography and has the following objectives.

The first is to share my travel photography adventures on a day-by-day basis. Each page describes a full day of traveling and photographing. Plans I had and decisions I have taken are described and sometimes I even provide a glimps on thoughts and feelings I experienced. A GPS map is included if available, as are representative photographs including a description of where and how they were taken. Finalizing photographs can take a while, because a lot of work is involved. A “Remark in red” indicates that work is still in progress for that page. Second is to share techniques I use related to traveling, photo capturing and post-processing. Third is to provide reviews on photography related products I use.

Last is to display my growing portfolio of high quality images. In general they are characterized by vivid colors and clean composition. Most of these images are actually composed of multiple different photographs, to go beyond the capturing capabilities of todays digital sensors.

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

Creating a stunning image starts with good composition that has to be designed in the field with a camera. Composition has to be right during capture and can only slightly be improved during post processing, by selecting a smaller part of the original photograph. Due to supreme quality of light, both early morning and late evening are favorite times for photography for most subjects. Heavy overcast weather is good for lush vegetation in general and waterfalls in particular. Photographing at the right time provides a head start, but most photographs do need some magic. Light distribution, color and contrast are of minor importance during capture but subject to the creative mind during post processing.
Check out other photographs in the here.. New images will be added as they become available, but the backlog is growing as shooting goes faster than finalising.