Royal International Air Tattoo 2011


Weather predictions have been very bad for the weekend and just yesterday there was some light on the horizon. Before noon the clouds and showers would clear to the east and an open sunny sky would takes its place. The low pressure weather system would turn counter-clockwise around Great Brittain and return on sunday from the west.

At first it doesn’t seem possible for the low clouds and heavy rain to clear out that quick, but fast winds have been predicted. After a couple of hours waiting in the car, some blue indeed appears between the clouds and soon after, everything opens up. Now we have to wait for the cloud base to be high enough for flying.


Blue Skies

Around noon the skies open up further and the cloud base becomes higher. The flying starts and all morning participant displays are cancelled.

Mustang & Spitfire
Tucano T1
Chinook CH3
Royal Jordanian Falcons
Apache AH-64D
A10 West Demo Team
Rafale B
Eurofighter Typhoon
Embraer 195
The Red Arrows
Frecce Tricolori
Lancaster & Spitfire
Wing Walkers
Avro Vulcan
Breitling Jets