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Illuminated windmills at Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.

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  1. Art Cotton November 29, 2014 at 1:38 pm #

    I have such warm memories of my only visit to Holland in 1956. Was there several days visiting my parents who lived in The Hague. My stepdad was USAF working in M.A.A.G . My very younger brother was going to school there and spoke Dutch , I was 19 and he was 7 . I visited Delft. I rang the church bells in Delft allowed by the bell keeper and according to his direction . Bet you never did that ? I danced Polkas in several clubs in Scheveningen having never danced Polkas before. We were the only ones dancing and they played just for us . The entire evening cost me $ 10.00. Bet you never did that ? I kissed my companion in the sand dunes near the hague. She was my mothers best friend and married to a Major . Her Name was Trudy . Trudy told me that Scheveningen was used to determine if a person was Dutch or German during the war as a German could not pronounce Scheveningen properly . My mom bought Heinikens beer 24 to the case delivered to her home for three Kroner . She also bought chickens delivered 2 for 3 Kroner .I played golf at a course in The Hague on sand dunes. The fairways and greens were outrageous. I’ll bet you never did that ? I love your country. I hope you will SKYPE with me at ‘ tranottoc ‘ . Best wishes .
    art cotton

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