New Website

The Site

This new website is going to replace the current one at, which was primarily used for showing my portfolio. This new website is completely based on WordPress and the portfolio will be integrated. The introduction message can be found here.

What I am Working On

Currently I am working on the text for two recent photo travel adventures: USA Winter 2010 and Canada and USA Spring/Summer 2010. Both stories consist of 20+ pages and will be available in English and Dutch. Furthermore, automated translation services are available for 48 other languages. The quality of these translated texts is a bit lower than that of the primary pages, but this will hopefully improve in the future. Very shortly, posts will follow about “How to build a fast computer for photo processing” and “How to build a WordPress website”.

South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

An in depth review of the new product HDR Expose from Unified Color is in the making as well. I have been using it lately and I think it is really great. I have to familiarize a bit more with the product and I have to process more challenging photographs with it, to see what it’s capabilities really are and what is the best way to use it. What I have seen so far is more than promising. If you can not wait for the review, you can already buy it here with a great discount.

HDR Software

The last few years, Photomatix of HDR Soft has become the industrie standard for HDR processing. But this is changing fast, as competitors are working hard to take over the lead. I am already thinking about doing a thorough comparison between the leading HDR processing tools: HDR Expose, Photomatix, the shortly to be released HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software which is looking promising as well and maybe even HDR Darkroom.

The balance between these products is shifting lately and improvements are getting significant. HDR Expose is a good example of this. Natural looking HDR based images is a lot more easy now and finally we have proper halo control available.

The Digital Darkroom

Photographs will be posted here regularly as soon as they have received their bit of ‘magic’ in my digital darkroom. Thousands of them are waiting in line for processing. Recently, I have started putting some effort in streamlining and automating the digital darkroom processes. Everything that can be automated should be automated. Something I will be writing about in the near future as well.

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